Since 1999, we have enabled our healthcare partners to reclaim focus on patient care.  Backed by AIROS, they know that the assets, solutions and Always On Support they require are available when and where they work.

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People Solutions | GoMo Health

Patient Activation to Reduce Cost of Healthcare Delivery

Patient Engagement That Works!

The GoMo Health Personal Concierge is uniquely designed to convert complex clinical protocols into simple, step by step “snackable bites” of “digestible information to ensure higher patient compliance with care directives

Discharge Concierge

Streamline and Automate the discharge process to reduce readmission and help with transition in care – improving patient satisfaction and reducing nurse burden.

Remote Patient and Chronic Care Management

Scale outpatients served to manage risk and improve retention and increasing Joy of Practice for the staff.

Manage Gaps in Care and risk/value-based payments

Add touchpoints and patient education to reduce gaps in care and increase revenue

Leveraging Engagement Science to activate patients to lead a healthier life and become more resilient while reducing the burden on the HCP team to help them practice at top of license!

Contact: Mark Grossman or 732.207.8108