Since 1999, we have enabled our healthcare partners to reclaim focus on patient care.  Backed by AIROS, they know that the assets, solutions and Always On Support they require are available when and where they work.

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Data Integrity, Quality, Lineage, and Reliability

Global IDs

Data collected quickly becomes unusable because there is a lack of trust and confidence.  Data is the company’s biggest asset to grow and manage risk if it can be leveraged easily in a trusted way.  Global IDs takes a highly sophisticated approach to accelerating the organization of data at scale which enables insight. Achieving optimal insight with confidence you know your data leads to exponential growth opportunity while ensuring protection of sensitive data.

Deep Data Management Expertise

Decades of experience solving complex data problems in the largest Global companies.

Quick Time to Value

Customers realize benefits in months not years.

Self-Service Data

Create a self-serve environment bringing meaning and insight to all data in an organized catalog.

AIROS customers can use Global IDs to achieve exponential growth while ensuring privacy through highly automated metadata management combined with organized trusted data!