Since 1999, we have enabled our healthcare partners to reclaim focus on patient care.  Backed by AIROS, they know that the assets, solutions and Always On Support they require are available when and where they work.

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Monetize your data and make it available to your customers, suppliers, and partners

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Every company needs quality, accessible data to make decisions and drive their business forward. But the cost of that data can often be a drain on budgets and already stretched-thin IT resources. Data as a Service (DaaS) platforms turn the costs associated with data and insights into an opportunity for revenue generation and the power to provide added value to customers and partners.


Motivate your people to action through small, daily Microsteps, inspiration from their peers, and the latest science of behavior change.


Experience best-in-class courses and resources on topics like high performance, mental health, resilience, and nutrition.


Measure employees’ risk of burnout and resilience, and prompt targeted interventions to improve individual and organizational well-being.

Thrive for Teams helps you prioritize your people’s well-being in a seamless, integrated workflow — which ultimately impacts your company’s overall performance. THIS IS INCORRECT INFO